The Puzzle

Original Morro Bay art by Eric Dowdle

Our Story

Acclaimed Folk Artist Eric Dowdle has taken his work all over the world.  His research for paintings has led him from Africa to the South Pacific, from Europe to the cities across America, and now to our charming little town of Morro Bay.

This video is a glimpse of his visit to Morro Bay and his fun and engaging process.

Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL would like to thank Eric and The Dowdle Art Company for a fun and magical exploration in the creation of a Dowdle puzzle.  As a community, we thank you for adding to the beauty that is Morro Bay!  

The idea for the project came from Ann Reisner, who is past president and 18 yr member of Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL.  During COVID, she and her husband Ron began working a couple of puzzles a week for relaxation.  As avid puzzle enthusiasts, some of the their favorite puzzles came from The Dowdle Folk Art Company.  After finishing a puzzle one day, Ann got the idea to create one of Morro Bay.

After several attempts, Eric agreed to come and check out our town. So in May of 2021, he and his entourage came to “paint the town” of Morro Bay.  The Reisner gave him a tour and introduced him around town, including visits to prominent businesses found on the puzzle.

 Then on September 11, 2021, the big unveiling happened at our community center.  It was a fun afternoon coming together as a community, to see Eric’s masterpiece and his vision of Morro Bay.  I think you will agree, he captured the essence and beauty of our little town!

We are so fortunate to call this beautiful little seaside town our home. We hope you agree and will consider supporting us through your purchase of this magnificent puzzle. With the holidays just around the corner, sharing the beauty of a Morro Bay puzzle with your friends and family will be a treat they will always remember!

Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL will be the exclusive outlet for these puzzles for one year.  Afterward, they will be available worldwide,  We thank you for your support.

Eric Dowdle's Morro Bay puzzle

How you can participate

Original Artwork

The original artwork of Morro Bay we helped to commission, sold the first day of auction.

The Puzzle

Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL would like to thank the following businesses for their support – Dorn’s Breaker Cafe, Giovanni’s Fish Market, Dutchman’s Seafood House, The Shell Shop, Morro Bay Oyster Co., The Hungry Fisherman Restaurant, The Inn at Rose’s Landing, and Marina Square.

Puzzles are now available to purchase locally at these fine locations: 

Giovanni’s Fish Market
Dutchman’s Seafood House
The Shell Shop
Morro Bay Oyster Co
The Hungry Fisherman Restaurant
Sun N Buns

Online shopping is forthcoming.  Follow us on Facebook for all the latest announcements and updates.