Celebrating 40 Years

Original Morro Bay artwork by Eric Dowdle
Eric Dowdle's Morro Bay puzzle

The Morro Bay puzzle was such a special gift for our little town, we just had to give it its own page.  In March 2021, Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL celebrated 40 years of service and dedication to the city.  That same year, the city celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding.  So the idea of creating a puzzle to celebrate this milestone was born. Ann Reisner, former president of MBB, along with her husband Ron, and daughter Juliana Epperly, successfully procured the Dowdle Folk Art Company and worked tirelessly to bring this project to completion.

The renowned folk artist Eric Dowdle agreed to come to Morro Bay and have a look around.  Thus began the journey of Eric’s creation of capturing the essence and beauty of our little seaside village through his vision. The puzzle was a huge success!  Now people from all over can enjoy the magic of Morro Bay with this colorful and whimsical puzzle.  The Dowdle Company generously donated a beautifully framed picture of the puzzle which now hangs in the Community Center.

We would like to thank Eric and The Dowdle Folk Art Company for the fun, magical exploration, and creation of this beautiful puzzle. We would also like to thank Ann Riesner and her family for their vision and creation of this unique and very special gift that people can now enjoy for many years to come.  We thank you for adding to the beauty of Morro Bay.

Karen Aguilar

President, Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL

Acclaimed Folk Artist, Eric Dowdle, “paints his way” all over the world. His research for paintings has led him from Africa to the South Pacific, from the European continent to cities across North America, and now, our charming little coastal town. Here is a glimpse of his visit to Morro Bay and the fun and engaging process that created his masterpiece.