Beach clean-up


Warren and Phyllis Dorn founded Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL in 1981.  We are the oldest, independent, non-profit organization in the city.  Our mission reflects our member’s passion for this vintage coastal town, which is to enhance the beauty of Morro Bay and its surrounding environment.  Truly a grass-roots organization, our projects are funded and executed by our members.

Our Mission 

We believe in identifying, researching, and promoting non-political projects that contribute to and preserve the beauty of Morro Bay.  We believe in involving all segments of the community in promoting a safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing environment through education, awareness, contributions, and direct participation in activities of Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL. We believe in recognizing individual efforts toward our community’s enhancement.

Join us 

You can join us when we do our various projects like cleaning our streets, removing stickers and graffiti, or supporting us by purchasing a license plate holder, donating to us as one of your favorite charities, or leaving us a bequest in your will. We appreciate your tax-free donation.