Morro BAy Beautiful

Preserving and enhancing the beauty of Morro Bay, California

Our History

On March 18, 1981, Warren and Phyllis Dorn founded Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL. One of the city’s oldest non profit organizations, we seek to enhance the beauty of Morro Bay and its surrounding environment.

Truly a grass-roots organization, the majority of our projects originated, funded, and are executed by our members. 

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Get involved

Join us!

Come for a cup of coffee Wednesday mornings, 8 a.m., at Dorn’s Breakers Cafe!

You can join us by helping out when we clean our streets, by purchasing a puzzle or license plate holder, by donating to us as one of your favorite charities, or leaving us a bequest in your will.   We appreciate your tax-free donation.


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Our Mission

1. To identify, research, and promote non-political projects that contribute to and or preserve the beauty of Morro Bay and add beauty to our citizens’ lives.

2. To involve all segments of the community in promoting a safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing environment through education/awareness, contributions and or direct participation in activities of Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL.

3. To recognize individual effort toward our community’s enhancement.

Our Projects

Our committees and volunteers undertake a variety of projects to beautify Morro Bay and its environs. 

Current Projects

Dowdle Puzzle for Morro Bay

Litter Brigade

“Butt” Buckets

Highway Cleanup

Sand Spit Cleanup

Student Outreach

Our Leadership

Morro Bay Aerial

Board of Directors

President – Karen Aguilar
Treasurer – Cindy Sutter
Secretary – Holly Erling
President Emeritus – Ann Reisner


Dowdle Puzzle Project – Ann Reisner, Ron Reisner, Juliana Epperly

Litter Brigade – Cindy Sutter, Karen Aguilar, Ann Reisner, Janelle & Bill Bland

Highway 1 Cleanup – Peggy Sue Irving

Student Outreach – Cindy Sutter

Social Media Coordinator – Karen Aguilar