Morro Bay Beautiful

The oldest, independent non-profit in Morro Bay, California

What’s New

Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL is celebrating 40 years, with a beautiful puzzle of Morro Bay, commissioned by Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL from acclaimed artist Eric Dowdle of the Dowdle Folk Art Company.

Volunteer cleans Morro Bay beaches

Morro Bay Beautiful

Warren and Phyllis Dorn founded Morro Bay Beautiful in 1981, with the simple goal of keeping Morro Bay clean and BEAUTIFUL.

Join us for Coffee Hour, every Wednesday at 7:30 am at Dorn’s Breakers Cafe!

Eric Dowdle and the Morro Bay Puzzle

The Puzzle Project

Morro Bay has it’s own puzzle!  You can purchase your puzzles directly from us at the Morro Bay Farmer’s Market, Saturday afternoons.  All proceeds go to Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL. 

Morro Rock at Sunset

The City of Morro Bay

Founded by Franklin Riley in 1870, Morro Bay began as a port for the export of dairy and ranch products. In the 1870’s, schooners could often be seen at the Embarcadero picking up wool, potatoes, barley, and dairy products.

The Story of Morro Bay Beautiful

Our non-profit was founded by Warren and Phyllis Dorn in 1981, with the purpose of keeping Morro Bay clean and BEAUTIFUL.

The Embarcadero from the water
Morro Bay
Morro Bay Kite Festival