September 2019 news

September 2019 Newsletter

Coastal Clean Up Day it Sept 21st – California State Parks will be cleaning up all the parks.  We will concentrate on cleaning up beaches, the week of Sept 21 thru the 28th.  To avoid germs, wear gloves, and cover at least a section of the beach from Yerba Buena to Colman Park, on the Embarcadero.  Let’s make our fish happy with clean water.

Sand Spit Clean Up – Oct. 26th , more details later

Adopt a Hwy Clean up – This is our big need right now.  One of our people had to quit because of illness, so we are looking for at least one or two more people to help with this.  It’s once a month, 2 hours of your time.  Call Melody DeMeritt  if you can help or want more info.  She will train you.

Cigarette Butt Buckets One of our current campaigns is to “Keep the butts out of the bay”.  Cigarette butt filters contain so much plastic there is a company which recycles the butts to make other plastic products;  these are not biodegradable. Our intent is to provide an alternative to simply dropping the butts on the ground.  We currently have five buckets in place; one at Coleman Park, one along side the basket ball court, one by the statue across from The Rock, one near Anchor Park and one in town at the request of a local business.  Any suggestions as to where others should be placed is greatly appreciated.

Cindy Sutter 459-9956 started this program about 4 weeks ago  ….and lo and behold the butt buckets are being used…YEAH!  We would like to expand this program and are looking for donations or help.

Donations – speaking of donations.  We have quit charging a membership fee, which helped pay for some of our smaller projects.  We are asking for, a once a year donation, at this time.  Please send whatever you can to assure our work can go on.

Tuesday clean up (every other week)– we currently meet @ 7:30 AM @ Sun N Buns to:  remove stickers and graffiti from wherever.  We also pick up litter and clean out tree wells, whenever we have enough people.  

Library – I love our library.  They are having a book sale this Sat the 28th from 9 – 4 PM.  I just got a Farmers Almanac from them so I could see the weather for the year.  They have magazines and can get any book you want.  They need yoursupport!!

”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world:  indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”….Margaret Mead