Note to Members

May 28, 2020

Dear Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL Members and friends,

Well the city is a bit of a mess…..or a lot, of a mess.

Lots of visitors here this past Memorial Day weekend, and I don’t blame them.  The weather is right, we have the beach, we have/had the quiet, and its just a nice place to come.

Anyway, back to the mess: stickers, graffiti, and LOTS OF TRASH.  So now is a good time to take a walk, bring a razor blade (to remove stickers from polls and signs), gloves and a bag for trash.  Don’t forget all the “access to beach” areas.  The beach is the main area that our visitors come.  Take the trash home and put it in your trash can OR use any trash can the city has.

We have started to do tree wells in Olde Town, again.  They are all grown over and need to be weeded, cleaned out and then mulched.  Our businesses need our support and help, they have been thru a lot.

Can you adopt a tree well or an area of town to clean up??  Take a picture of it before you clean it and one after and send them to me.

We’ll have things back in shape in no time😊