Eric DOWDLE news

We have a whopper of a project.  How would you like a PUZZLE of Morro Bay??

My husband and I have been working 2 puzzles a week during Covid.  It relaxes your brain and I think reduces stress.

Anyway to make a very long story short the artist Eric Dowdle, of Dowdle Folk Art, came to MB, we gave him a tour and introduced him to some of our businesses that will be on the puzzle; Dorns, Giovannis, Dutchmans, the Shell Shop, and the Morro Bay Oyster co.  The puzzles will be out in late July, Eric will come back to Morro Bay and do an unveiling and the puzzles will be available at several businesses around town and all of the businesses that are on the puzzle.  MBBeautiful has exclusive rights to sell the puzzle for one year and then they will be sold World Wide.


It all started last Sept. when I introduced the idea at a Board Meeting and got an approval to spend money for the Project Puzzle.  Cindy Sutter, our Treasurer, got the ball rolling by contacting the company.  At first they wouldnt respond.  Then we sent them pictures of Morro Bay and they sent an enthusiastic response.  They had researched Morro Bay and found out that in 2020 it was Morro Bays 150thanniversary (sesquicentennial).                    This will help our city and our businesses.  Im very excited!!!


Litter We are doing really well keeping up with all the litter and so many tourist in town.    It really helped that we added two people, Janelle & Bill Bland.  They do a really good job and each time they have cleaned up they have found money.

Chuck & Carol Harkins have sponsored our web site again.  We really appreciate you two!!

Cindy Sutters cigarette butt bucket project is going strong.  She has them scattered along the water front.  If you see one of the buckets feel free to clean it out.  Cindy and some helpers clean them once a week but they get used a lot.

Sandspit cleanup Look for a date in September for a free boat ride and a lot of stuff to pick up.

Membership Meeting April 10 th @ 10 AM, Dorns Restaurant, side room.
Please RSVP @ 772-8117.  Vote in our new President.

We need to know how many are coming.