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Morro Bay BEAUTIFUL has operated as a not-for-profit, volunteer organization, for the purpose of preserving and enhancing the beauty of Morro Bay, California. Our community projects range from litter pick-up, to tree and shrub planting, to art projects.


We are truly a grass-roots organization, with the vast majority of our projects originated, funded, and executed by our members. We invite you to explore our web site and learn more about us.


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Report on diver cleanup done Sat Oct 26th:

The divers dove a designated area by the fishing boats and along the shoreline at the end of Tidlands park  and brought up a flatbed truck load of “stuff” to include:  a toilet, ladder, fish pole. dolly, silver ware, cans ,a barrel, bottles, lots of metal objects............its a real mess down there.  

It was a good project to help with and very much needed.  They finished in about 2 hrs.  MBBeautiful assisted with taking stuff from divers, as they surfaced, cleaning it and removing anything living and putting it back in the water.  We had good help from Roy Cinowalt, Oscar Munos, Ron Reisner, Ann Reisner and Sean Green who showed up late and just started helping wherever he was needed. Oscar is in the picture on the left.

Tell everyone you see that the Ocean isn’t a waste basket.  We need to keep it clean.